Friday, March 4, 2011

Typography project

1. Came out fairly well, although I wish I had picked a picture with a little more shadows in it. I like the color scheme though.
2. I think it's fairly sucessful, it definately looks very appealing. Oh the wonder of photoshop.
3. I think the background and foreground text works very nicely, although the green and purple foreground text doesn't flow very well. Your eye gets stuck there since it's so harsh on the pale background.
4. If I did it again I would definately choose a better picture, although the emotion and look of the model is very nice, her hair was incredibly blonde.. white almost, so it didn't really catch any of her hair.
5. The most difficult part of this piece was choosing where to place the foreground text. It would have looked better if I had used more words, since I wouldn't go all perfectionistic over repeating patterns and whatnot.
6. I learned alot about layer masks and making brushes from words.

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