Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Unbelievable School Image Ideas

1. Make a person that hold a shiny sphere that reflects the courtyard when it should reflect their face.
2. Create a never-ending staircase using the blue/green stairs in the courtyard.
3. Make the Mods float over a tennis court and be held in place by cables.
4. Make the courtyard ground look shiny, like water, leave the patches of land as islands and have people look like they're swimming possibly create ripples in the water.
5. Take a picture of the pod from a ground angle then from an above angle and put one on the cieling like a reflection.
6. Create a common sense crossing out of a hallway in the school, make some people walk on the cieling and some on the wall.
7. Place a giant reflective ball in the junior lot and have people stand around it and have it reflect upside down like a bubble.
8. Make a live cougar come out of one of the large cougar paintings around the school, would be interesting to use one of the giant paintings in the gym.
9. Make a student grow out of one of the patches of dirt in the courtyard and leave a sign next to it saying "AHS Student" like the signs in the gardening section of stores saying what flower's what.
10. Shiny spheres hanging around the courtyard from the sky, have some people look at the spheres confused and have some point and act surprised.

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