Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Themed Project 3: Promotion items

1. Overall, I like all of these pieces, the bubbles were my personal favorite part of the broken piece, and they work well on all of the surfaces.
2. I think it's fairly successful, although I did use too much of the pink version of it. I really like how the iphone cases turned out.
3. It worked well that I only used technology it fits well with the theme, and I really like how I was able to recreate the broken text from the original Broken picture. Experimenting with the blending options made a variety in the iphone cases that made it very interesting.
4. If I could do it again, I would probably choose a different laptop to use, the dell isn't very attractive in my opinion, but it was the simplest one.
5. The most difficult part was recreating the text on the ipod, since I couldn't get the old text, so it was fun recreating it... even though it was super tedious.
6. I learned a lot about how different blending options can create different colors and effects and repeating the same picture on each case but changing the blending options can create very different color schemes and effects.

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